World Changers Series-Daniel Hill Interview

Daniel Hill is the second interview in our World Changers series. He is the founding pastor of the River City Community Church located in Chicago, IL. Daniel is the author of the book “White Awake” which discusses the seven stages we experience on the way to cultural awakening and he has also been featured on CNN discussing racial injustice against minorities.

Q – What was your very first job in your field?
Daniel –  My first job in ministry was at Willow Creek Community Church, working with Axis, their 20-something ministry. I had never considered going into ministry, and was part of a tech startup at the time, but the HR director at Willow called out ministry potential within me in a powerful way

Q –  Did you always know that this is what you wanted to be, or is this a path that you believe God eventually brought you to?Daniel – Definitely not. Having grown up around church I was kind of freaked out by it, and had trouble attending during college, much less ever considering a career in ministry.

Q –  People say that in order to be a world changer, you have to make sacrifices. How did that look for you?Daniel –  I don’t really know how to speak to the “world changer” party. My hope is to deeply internalize the teachings of Jesus that to follow him is to deny ourselves and pick up our cross. And to remember, as Dr. Cornel West says, to never confuse ‘success’ (individual achievement) with ‘greatness’ (which Jesus defined as serving others).

Q –  What is one thing you would say to someone who wants to make a difference but doesn’t know where to start?

Daniel – I don’t believe Christianity is primarily about Jesus coming into our lives. Instead, it is Jesus inviting us, by faith, to join his. My experience suggests that if a person follows Jesus with full devotion, and comes to understand who he is and what he is about, impact and making a difference will naturally follow.

Q –  Are there any fears that are holding you back?

Daniel – I am convinced that all meaningful life change happens at the intersection of fear and faith. Click To Tweet We never conquer fear fully, because once we develop the courage to overcome one set of fears, Jesus will then just lead us to the next. So yes, always, lots of fear to contend with!

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*This interview was conducted by Jeremy Roberson, Communication major at Andrews University.

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